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Career Coaching Adelaide

Are you feeling unhappy or unfulfilled in your current job? Do you find yourself successful but overwhelmed, or perhaps stuck in a career that doesn't align with your aspirations? Maybe you've hit a plateau and are yearning for professional growth. It's possible that you're dealing with the challenges of workplace dynamics. Whatever your career-related concerns may be, Leo Le Education has you covered. We offer career coaching in Adelaide to guide you toward a brighter, more fulfilling professional future. 


Job Training Adelaide


Silver Package - Discover Your Path to Success

Our Silver Package for job coaching is your personalised pathway to career success. It all starts with a comprehensive career assessment where our experienced coach delves into your unique strengths and aspirations, setting clear career objectives and crafting a tailor-made action plan to reach your goals. This job training program goes beyond goal-setting; it focuses on skill enhancement, job search strategies finely tuned for Adelaide's market, and offers ongoing support. Leo is our dedicated career counsellor committed to helping you find jobs in Adelaide without much hassle.













Gold Package - Elevate Your Career

Our Gold Package is designed to propel your career to new heights. It offers unlimited resume and cover letter revisions to ensure your application materials truly shine. You'll engage in a cold call session with our career advisor, receiving expert insights into effective networking for the Adelaide job market. With the help of one mock interview, you'll refine your interview skills to confidently secure your first interview. Gain full access to our extensive library of career resources, including sample resumes, cover letters, selection criteria templates, interview question samples and a 60-day follow-up plan with employers.











Diamond Package - Secure Your Dream Job

Our Diamond Package offers an unparalleled opportunity for individuals seeking their first professional job in Australia. This novel package comes with a one-job-guarantee, signifying our unwavering commitment to supporting you until you land your dream job. Our career consulting professionals will guide you through every stage of the job search process, providing personalised assistance, intensive interview preparation, and invaluable networking strategies finely tuned for the job market.










Why Opt for Leo Le Job Coaching Programs in Adelaide

Diverse Range of Professions Covered: Whether you're in the field of Civil Engineering, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Biotechnology, Accounting, ICT Business Analysis, or IT Support, our program is designed to cater to your needs. In addition, we provide expert guidance for navigating the concealed job market, which accounts for nearly 90% of employment opportunities in Adelaide that aren't publicly advertised online.

Support for International Students and Skilled Migrants: At Leo Le Education, we understand the challenges faced by international students and skilled migrants who lack permanent residency or local work experience in Adelaide. Our program offers weekly Zoom sessions that cover essential topics such as cold calling, in-person visits, follow-up strategies, and job proposals, helping students and professionals overcome these hurdles and enhance their employment prospects in Adelaide and its surrounding regions. Our customised job training packages are specifically designed to address the distinct needs of international students and professional migrants coming to Australia, providing invaluable support throughout their job search journey in Adelaide.


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