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Career Coaching Brisbane

If you're seeking to ignite your career, elevate it to new heights, secure your dream job, or fast-track your qualifications, you've come to the right place. At Leo Le Education, we understand the unique dynamics of the Brisbane job market and are committed to guiding you toward a brighter professional future. Our comprehensive career consulting programs, including the Silver, Gold, and Diamond Packages, are meticulously designed to meet your specific career needs, providing you with the support and resources necessary to find jobs in Brisbane. 

Job Training Brisbane

Silver Package: Kindle Your Career

Our Silver Package is your pathway to career transformation in Brisbane. Our career advisors set clear career objectives and create a personalised action plan to guide your journey. With a focus on skill enhancement and proven job search strategies for the Brisbane market, you'll be well-prepared to tackle career challenges. Ongoing support and access to a rich resource library ensure you stay on track. This job training program is perfect for those seeking a structured approach to career success in Brisbane. With our Silver Package, you'll gain the confidence and skills to pursue your dream career and make a lasting impact in the thriving Brisbane job market.






















Gold Package: Stand Out In Job Market

The Gold Package includes all Silver Package features, plus unlimited resume and cover letter revisions. Engage in a Cold Call session with our career counsellors, receive a customised job proposal and benefit from one mock interview. Full access to our resource library, including sample resumes and interview prep materials, ensures you stand out in Brisbane's competitive job market. The Gold Package provides you with the tools and expertise to land in your dream job, and also opens doors to new job opportunities in Brisbane.























Diamond Package: Your Dream Job Awaits

Our Diamond Package is an exceptional opportunity for those pursuing their first professional job in Brisbane. This one-job-guaranteed program demonstrates our unwavering support until you land your dream job in Brisbane. Our seasoned career coaches provide personalised assistance, intensive interview preparation, unlimited mock interviews and networking strategies fine-tuned for the Brisbane job market. With this career coaching package, you don't just find a job; you establish a strong foundation for a successful and fulfilling career in Brisbane, setting yourself up for long-term professional success.


























Why Choose Leo Le Education

Comprehensive Coverage Across Varied Fields: From the realm of Civil Engineering and Electrical and Mechanical Engineering to the dynamic domains of Biotechnology, Accounting, ICT Business Analysis, and IT Support, Leo Le Education offers career coach programs to cater to a diverse range of professions in Brisbane. Our commitment extends beyond conventional career coaching, as we provide expert guidance on accessing the concealed job market. In Brisbane, where nearly 90% of employment opportunities remain hidden from online platforms, we equip you with the skills and knowledge to unearth these unadvertised job prospects.

Dedicated Support for International Students and Skilled Migrants: Our career coaching program includes weekly Zoom sessions covering essential topics such as cold calling, in-person visits, follow-up strategies, and job proposals. These sessions empower students and professionals to overcome these challenges, enhancing their job prospects not only in Brisbane but also in the surrounding regions. We offer a range of customised packages, including Silver (8 weeks of comprehensive support with Leo), Gold (guaranteed interview opportunities), and Diamond (guaranteed job placement), ensuring that our services align precisely with the diverse needs of international students and professional migrants arriving in Australia. Count on Leo Le Education for invaluable support throughout your job search journey in Brisbane.


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