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Career Coaching Melbourne

Leo Le Education offers comprehensive career coaching programs tailored to the unique needs of International students and skilled migrants to find their desired professional jobs in Melbourne and regional areas of Victoria such as Shepparton, Bendigo, Ballarat, Geelong, Warrnambool, etc. In our program, we provide proven strategies, guidance and invaluable resources to help you approach the hidden market (90% of all jobs in Australia are never advertised) in Australia in which in many cases you will be the only applicant for the role. Whether you are navigating the hidden job market, enhancing your job application materials or seeking to land your dream job in Melbourne, our job training programs are designed to support you every step of the way.

Whether you lack local experience and lack of permanent residency, this program can help you!

Job Training Melbourne

Silver Package: Unveiling the Hidden Job Market in Melbourne and regional areas of Victoria

Our Silver Package is specifically designed to help individuals in Melbourne and regional areas of Victoria tap into the hidden job market. In Australia, approximately 90% of all jobs are never advertised. With our 8-week-online program, our experienced career coach will provide you with a clear plan and strategies to achieve your professional career goals. You will gain access to exclusive job coaching resources, including insights into Melbourne and regional areas of Victoria job market, targeted employer recommendations, and valuable tools to support your career journey.
















Gold Package: Landing your interview with employers in Melbourne and regional areas of Victoria

Our Gold Package offers comprehensive support to elevate your job opportunities in Melbourne and regional areas of Victoria. We provide unlimited revisions of your resume and cover letter until you land your first interview, ensuring they truly stand out to potential employers in the Melbourne job market. This will save you a lot of time to fix each and every application on your own. You will have the opportunity to engage in a Cold Call session with Leo Le, gaining valuable insights into how to communicate effectively with employers over the phone, and how to identify job opportunities for Melbourne and regional areas of Victoria job markets. Additionally, you will receive a customised Job Proposal, Elevator Pitch to enhance your professional presence. With one mock interview with Leo Le, you will get prepared well before your interview. We will prepare you with questions that are most likely to be asked by the employers and how you should answer them accordingly.













Diamond Package: Securing Your Dream Job in Melbourne and regional areas of Victoria

Looking for employment in Melbourne or and regional areas of Victoria? Our Diamond Package, which provides unparalleled comprehensive support for international students and skilled migrants looking for their first professional job in Melbourne and regional areas of Victoria, is the apex of our career counselling program. We offer unwavering support through our one-job-guaranteed program until you find your first ideal job in Melbourne and regional areas of Victoria. Leo Le, our committed career counsellor, will help you at every stage of the hiring process by providing individualised guidance, interview preparation tips, and useful job hunting strategies which help you to approach the hidden employment market in Melbourne and regional areas of Victoria.









Why Choose Leo Le Job Coaching Programs in Melbourne

Diverse Occupations Covered: Civil Engineering, Electrical, and Mechanical engineering, Biotechnologists, accountants, ICT Business Analysts, and IT Support Specialists are just a few of the vocations that our program is intended to serve. Additionally, we provide professional advice on navigating the hidden job market, which accounts for almost 90% of the employment opportunities in Melbourne that are not openly posted online.

Support for overseas Students/skilled Migrants: At Leo Le Education, we are aware of the difficulties in finding professional jobs experienced by overseas students who do not have permanent residency or local work experience. Our program includes weekly Zoom sessions covering crucial subjects like cold calling, walk-ins, follow-ups, and job proposals to assist students and professional individuals in overcoming these obstacles and improving their work prospects in Melbourne and regional areas of Victoria. With 3 packages: Silver (8 week support with Leo), Gold (1-interview guaranteed) and Diamond (1-job guaranteed), we can cater our service to different individuals with different needs. These customised services are created especially to meet the unique demands of overseas students and professional migrants coming to Australia and offer priceless assistance throughout their job search process in Melbourne.


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