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The Power of Cold Calling to Employers: Unleashing Opportunities to Find Jobs in Australia

In today's competitive job market, finding opportunities to land your professional job in Australia can be a daunting task especially for international students and migrants. While online platforms such as Seek, Indeed, Linked, Jora,...websites are very highly competitive because the employers only consider applicants who have a lot of local experience, permanent resident, Australian citizen. Therefore, it is very hard for international students and migrants to land their professional jobs on those platforms. As a result, as an International student and migrant, you need to find your professional job in different ways and one of the quickest and fastest ways for you to land a professional job in Australia is cold calling. In this blog, we will explore why cold calling is an essential tool in your job search progress and how it can be a game-changer with the support of Leo Le Education's Job Coaching Programs.

Why Cold Calling To Employer Matters

Tapping into the Hidden Job Market: Approximately 90% of all job opportunities in Australia are never advertised online. By proactively reaching out to employers through cold calling, you gain access to this hidden job market, where countless opportunities await. Moreover, by tapping in the hidden job market via cold calling, employers won’t ask you about your visa status, your local experience and in many cases you are the only applicant. Hence, the competition is low and your chance to land your professional job is high. Therefore, cold calling allows you to uncover unadvertised positions and tap into potential openings that may not be accessible through traditional job application methods.

Building Personal Connections: Cold calling enables you to directly connect with employers and establish a personal rapport. By initiating a conversation, you have the opportunity to make a memorable impression and showcase your enthusiasm, passion, and commitment. This personal connection can set you apart from other candidates who solely rely on online applications.

Demonstrating Proactive Initiative: Taking the initiative to cold call demonstrates your proactive nature and genuine interest in a company or role. Employers appreciate candidates who display initiative and are willing to go the extra mile. Cold calling showcases your determination and willingness to put yourself out there, leaving a lasting impression on potential employers.

Gaining Valuable Insights: Cold calling allows you to gather firsthand information about a company, its culture, and identify potential job opportunities. Engaging in conversations with employers gives you insights that are not readily available in job descriptions or online postings. These insights can help you tailor your job search approach and align your skills and experiences with the specific needs of employers. Hence, the employer won’t treat you like ‘A4 paper’.

How Job Coaching Programs Can Enhance Your Cold Calling Skills:

Leo Le Education's Job Coaching Programs provide comprehensive training on effective cold calling strategies. Unlike typical career coaching programs, we will teach you how to confidently reach out to employers, engage in professional conversations, present yourself as a valuable candidate and identify job opportunities, etc. in the correct way. You will learn how to ask the right questions, and leave a lasting impression.

We will give you 3 different cold call scripts which will show you exactly what to say with employers and what questions to ask employers for different scenarios. We also prepare an Elevator pitch for you, so you know how to introduce yourself to employers over the phone professionally within 2 minutes. These are powerful tools for you to talk with employers via phone confidently.

In the competitive job market of Australia, cold calling can be a game-changer in your quest to find professional jobs that align with your aspirations. By embracing cold calling and leveraging the expertise of Leo Le Education's Career Coaching Program in Australia, you gain a powerful tool to unlock hidden job opportunities, build personal connections, and demonstrate proactive initiative. Don't limit your job search to online platforms alone; take charge, make those cold calls, and open doors to exciting professional opportunities in Australia. Let Leo Le Education's Job Coaching Programs equip you with the skills and confidence to master the art of cold calling and seize the job opportunities you deserve.



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