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Career Coaching for International Students: Overcoming Obstacles in the Australian Job Market

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

As an international student pursuing your dream of building a successful career in Australia, you may encounter various challenges in the competitive job market. The Australian job landscape can be dynamic and demanding, but fear not, as Leo Le Education is here to guide and support you through our unique career coaching and job training programs. With a focus on career coaching in Australia, our goal is to help international students like you overcome obstacles and find fulfilling job opportunities in Australia.

The Australian Job Market: An Overview

Before delving into the details of our job coaching programs, let's understand the Australian job market. Australia offers a diverse range of opportunities across industries such as Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Biotechnology, Accounting, ICT Business Analysis, and IT Support, etc. However, approximately 90% of all job openings in the country remain hidden, not advertised on traditional platforms like Seek, Indeed, or LinkedIn,..websites and that’s when a job training program can open new doors for international students.

The Role of Career Coaching In Australia

Navigating the hidden job market can be daunting, especially when you lack local work experience or PR (permanent residency) in Australia. Here's where career coaching plays a pivotal role. At Leo Le Education, we provide tailored career counselling programs designed to help international students like you make informed decisions about your professional journey and eventually, find a job in their major.

Job Training Programs to Enhance Your Skills

Our job training programs are carefully crafted to equip you with the skills and knowledge required to stand out in the Australian job market. Through our Silver Package, an 8-week support program with Leo, you'll learn proven strategies to approach the hidden job market, craft compelling resumes and cover letters, and engage in effective cold calling and follow-up techniques, etc.

Unlocking Opportunities with the Gold Package

For those seeking a guaranteed job interview, our Gold Package is the perfect fit. Receive unlimited revisions of your resume and cover letter until you secure your first interview. Engage in a cold call session with our expert career coach, Leo Le and gain access to a wealth of job coaching resources. Our focus is to ensure you confidently apply for professional jobs and make a lasting impression on potential employers.

The Diamond Package: Land Your Dream Job

Our Diamond Package takes your job search journey to the next level. With a one-job-guaranteed program, you will receive unlimited support from us until you secure your dream job. Gain powerful strategies to approach employers directly, access an 8-week career training program via Zoom, and receive invaluable resources to succeed in your chosen industry.

Embarking on a career journey in a new country can be both exciting and challenging for international students like you. With Leo Le Education's career coaching and job training programs, you can conquer obstacles in the Australian job market and pave the way to a successful and fulfilling career. Our customised packages are designed to cater to your unique needs, ensuring you gain the confidence, skills, and support required to find your dream job in Australia. Let us be your trusted partner in your professional pursuit Down Under. Start your career coaching program in Australia with Leo Le Education today!



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