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Why is our Professional Career Coaching Essential for you to Land Jobs in Australia?

Are you a job seeker or a recent graduate from university looking for a professional job in Australia? Are you tired of working in odd jobs and want to work in your field instead? If you're an international student having no local experience and permanent residency, getting a job in Australia can be tough. If you apply for jobs on Seek, Indeed,...websites, you will see that even for a graduate role, Australian employers take up candidates with at least one or two years of Australian work experience and permanent residency. Also, the job market on those online platforms is very competitive and overwhelming! But there's a solution that can significantly enhance your chances of landing your dream job in Australia, our Professional Career Coaching. In this blog post, we will explore why you should join our career coaching and why it is crucial to securing employment opportunities in Australia.

Navigate the Complexities of the Job Market

The job market in Australia can be confusing for job seekers like international students and skilled migrants, especially if you have no local experience, no Permanent residency (PR) . This is where our professional career coaching comes in as a saviour to help you out. It offers invaluable guidance and proven strategies to help you navigate the challenges efficiently. Our career coach - Leo Le possesses extensive knowledge of the job market and can provide you with insights, strategies, and resources tailored to your specific career goals.

Personalised Career Counselling

Our career coach - Leo Le acts as your mentor, helping you identify your strengths, weaknesses, and guiding you step by step in your job hunting process. Through our 8- week-online classes, we teach you different techniques to approach the hidden job market (90% of all jobs in Australia are never advertised) such as Cold call to employer, Walk-in to employer, professional LinkedIn message, Employer objections (handle when employers say ‘No’), Follow up to employer, Resume, Cover letter, Job Proposal, etc. This approach ensures to maximise your job opportunities in Australia.

Gain a Competitive Edge

In today's competitive job market, except having a good resume and cover letter, having a standout approach to employers is vital. A career coach can assist you in crafting a powerful resume that highlights your strengths and showcases your accomplishments effectively. They can also tailor your application materials to specific job opportunities, giving you a significant edge over other candidates. However, employers will only treat you like ‘A4 paper’. To land a professional job in Australia nowadays, you need to do something different to approach employers, to be standout from other candidates which are COLD CALL, WALK IN, FOLLOW UP, NEGOTIATE, GET REFERRAL, etc. This is what we shall teach in our Job Coaching Program.

Develop Job Search Strategies

Effective job searching goes beyond just browsing online job portals. Our career coach can help you develop personalised strategies to uncover hidden job opportunities and tap into the "hidden job market” - 90% OF ALL JOBS IN AUSTRALIA ARE NEVER ADVERTISED. We not only can guide you on networking, informational interview preparation, leveraging social media platforms but also search jobs via Cold calling, walking in, following up,..etc. to expand your professional connections and increase your visibility to potential employers. By using this approach, most of the time, employers will create a suitable role for you. Over 200 international students of ours have used these techniques to land their dream jobs in Australia despite their lack of local experience and permanent residency.

Enhance Interview Skills

Your interview is the chance to showcase your skill and prove to the employer that you’re an ideal fit. However, a lot of candidates couldn’t pass the interview to land their dream job because they lack skills in handling questions of employers and lack the correct preparation before the interview. This is where career coaching plays huge in mastering your essential interview skills. From developing compelling answers to common interview questions to enhancing your nonverbal communication. Through mock interviews, you can gain confidence and polish your performance, making a lasting impression on hiring managers.

Job Training Programs

Career coaching often includes access to job training classes that enhance your employability. Our career coaching program will provide you details step by step on how to expert in different techniques to approach employers. Via our 8 week online class, we will teach you how to set goal, how to do cold call to employers, how to walk-in to employers, how to follow up with employers, how to LinkedIn message to employers, how to handle when employer say ‘No’ to you, how to analyse job ad, How to fix your resume/cover letter for each job you apply, etc. Moreover, you will receive unlimited support from us with the perfect process to land your dream job until you got 1 interview* or 1 job*.

When it comes to professional career coaching in Australia, Leo Le Education stands out as a leader in the field. We offer personalised guidance to enable individuals to achieve their career goals and assist in managing the unique challenges faced by job seekers and graduate students in Australia.

*Terms and conditions apply



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